ICO Marketing Checklist for Beginners

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ICO Marketing Checklist for Beginners

ICO Marketing Checklist for Beginners


Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) seems to be the latest and easiest tool nowadays to raise capital for projects.  However, it is not a very good idea to start an ICO without setting a proper marketing strategy in place either before or during the project. More so, your online reputation is very essential for creating an ICO online campaign. That is why you need a professional ICO marketing agency to support your dream.

This article will list a few necessary ICO marketing checklist that can help you to develop and organize your ICO marketing in a fast and profitable way.

Get a Detailed, Well-structured Whitepaper

This is usually the first step in ICO marketing. A Whitepaper is a document that explains and sells your ICO idea. It must be detailed and well-structured. According to Else Mart ICO marketing agency, here are basic points contained in detailed and well-structured ICO whitepaper:

The ICO Project

The description of the ICO project must be clearly stated as well as the general idea behind it. your description should provide answers to the following questions: why you think the world needs your ICO project? Whether the project would help anyone? And in what way would it help? You can also tell the story of how your ICO idea came into realization.

The Problem and The Solution

Don’t center your attention on crowdfunding but rather on problem-solving. Explain the major problem that your ICO project would find solutions to and exactly how the project would solve it. Explain how your project would solve any existing problems. State the importance of your project to the industry and why investors should consider investing in your ICO project. What benefits would investors gain from your project and what how would the industry benefit from your project?

The Current State of the Market and the Uniqueness of Your ICO Project

Explain the current state of the market and highlight how unique your ICO project is. How it differs from existing solutions and how it would improve upon the current market state. Also, present adequate information about your potential and target market with relevant materials and analytical reports.

The ICO Product

Every ICO project is tied to a product. Explain the nature of your ICO product and what it looks like. For instance, is it an app, a program or a code? Is the product open-sourced? Can it be looked at on GitHub? Or is it a viable product or service?

Tokens Economy and Demand

Note that ICO is known as token sales, where digital tokens (crypto coins) are given to investors in exchange for their investment. So, explain your financial model and token sale for the project as well as its funding strategies. State if the first sales of the token have been made. More so, share relevant data that may be needed.

Explain your Investments

Let your investors know how much capital you plan to raise for your project through the ICO, and how many tokens you wish to sell. Explain how the initial token price was decided and what will happen to the unsold ICO tokens. Don’t forget to include whether the investors would receive any other bonuses by investing in your project or not.

The Project Team

This point is very important to build your investor’s trust. Present the major project team members. Clearly states their qualifications, level of education, and experiences. Do they have any expertise or professional experience related to the ICO or cryptocurrency industry? These are keys to earning investors’ trust. Is your ICO project supported by notable public figures or key business organizations in the ICO industry? Highlight them as either team members or supporters of your ICO project.

N/B: the total number of pages of your ICO whitepaper does not really matter. ICO whitepaper with longer pages doesn’t indicate the genuineness of your project. More so, the readers may easily get lost or bored if your whitepaper has longer pages. Also, try as much as possible to translate your ICO whitepaper into several different languages.

Get a Website or Landing Page for your ICO Marketing

The next step involved in ICO marketing is creating a trusted website or landing page for your ICO project. However, ensure that when you are designing your ICO website or landing page, you don’t forget the discovery phase. Carry out proper research on the current market state and your key competitors, and how they market their ICO project. Also, carry out a SWOT analysis, this can help increase your chances of attaining success. In case you need help with creating a website/landing page, conducting market research, or carrying out a SWOT analysis, contact Else Mart ICO marketing agency.

Having a well-built website or landing page for your ICO can help you to easily achieve the following:

  • Reach out to your prospective and target audience: the website is your online presence. It presents your product to your target audience and beyond.
  • Properly introduce your product: your website presents a platform where you can describe your project to your audience – the features of your products, its technical characteristics and how it can be helpful to your target audience.
  • Properly introduce your company: on your website, you can tell more about your company so your prospective investors can know more about your company, the achievements it has made, the purpose of your ICO marketing, as well as the team behind the project.
  • Market validation: the website or landing page can help in the form of market validation. You can add a form to your website to help you collect a pre-launch list, which can help you understand how people care about your project.
  • Spreading or expanding your brand: your website helps to attract more investors from all over the world and increases loyalty to your ICO marketing.

N/B: adding the following tools and sections on your website or landing page can help you build investors’ trust.

  • Charts and latest numbers: showing the latest statistics like the number of tokens sold, time to initial sale or end date, number of registration, etc.
  • Calculator and profit trend: Show the current cost of your token and a projection of how much profit an investor can earn from each token over time.
  • A 3D model of your token and product: adding this to your website would enable users to have a picture of your token and product and interact with them.

Set up Investor Personal Cabinet or Dashboard

Except you are a fraud, this point is very important to your ICO marketing. The essence of setting up a personal cabinet is to simplify the management of the whole ICO process. The personal cabinet or dashboard is important to both you and your investors. It ensures transparency and enables investors to follow and monitor each token transfer in real-time. For you, it enables the autonomy of work e.g. live statistics on changes in tokens’ value, etc.

Promote Your ICO to Your Investors

Finally, share and promote your ICO project to the general public through all available media. Make use of email marketing campaigns to increase your ICO project awareness and to persuade people to invest. You can also promote your ICO through paid advertisement. Use your website, landing pages, blog post, and social media posts to register your media presence and tell the worth of your investment. You can also engage the service of a professional ICO marketing agency to market your ICO.


Actually, not all ICO projects that turn our successful followed all the ICO marketing checklist above. However, following the checklists above guarantees your ICO success. The more you follow the checklist, the more audience you would reach, and the more successful your ICO project would be.

Do you have any question or wants more information on ICO marketing? Please contact Else Mart ICO marketing agency on +27 (0) 61 578 0000 or email us at info@elsemart.com.


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