The Current State of Ecommerce Marketing in South Africa

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The Current State of Ecommerce Marketing in South Africa

The Current State of Ecommerce Marketing in South Africa

Are you planning on starting digital marketing or moving your business from a brick-and-mortar environment into the ecommerce platform but want to know what the current state of ecommerce marketing looks like in South Africa? Then this article is for you.

Ecommerce business in South Africa is practiced quite different from that of the rest of the world. That is why it is always a good idea to understand what you are venturing into. Just like every other starter, we understand that you may the following questions running on your mind. That is why we would provide answers to the question to help you understand the current state of ecommerce marketing in South Africa

Is Ecommerce Business Growing in South Africa?

Yes, ecommerce business is growing in South Africa. Though the country may still be lagging when it comes to digital marketing and ecommerce business, it is certainly growing at a rapid rate. Recent reports had it that about 49% of South Africans visited an ecommerce retail store, about 47% searched for a product or service on ecommerce retail store to buy and about 29% eventually bought something from ecommerce retail store through their mobile devices in the past month. With these statistics, there is a growth potential as more and more South Africans join the ecommerce bandwagon.

According to another research, there are presently about 18.42 mil ecommerce users in South Africa, 6.37 mil users are expected to join the train by 2021. This is a promising figure for you if you are planning on launching an ecommerce business in South Africa. An if you are already into ecommerce marketing, it is clear that ecommerce is a business you can’t just ignore. Gurjeet Singh, Visa application director for Else Mart, agreed that there is a huge growth opportunity for ecommerce businesses in South Africa.

How Much Are People Spending on Ecommerce Platforms in South Africa?

According to a survey by “We Are Social” in 2018, an average amount of $146 was spent on ecommerce purchases daily in South Africa. That means you can make about $146 daily from your ecommerce business in South Africa. A major reason for this increase in customer spending is the promotion or incentive offered by the business owner. The incentive included “free delivery” if the customer makes purchases over a certain amount.

How Do People Make Payment on Ecommerce Platforms in South Africa?

Based on a recent survey, most people who used ecommerce platform in South Africa prefer to pay through their credit cards. Here is the breakdown of the result: credit card–45%, debit card–21%, bank transfer–20%, PayPal–7%, others–8%. However, research revealed that only about 15% of South African adults have a credit card. That means if you want to launch an ecommerce business in South Africa, you must offer a wide range of payment methods and not only credit card. You may even offer cash-on-delivery options. By doing this, you will be making ecommerce more accessible for everyone.

How Do People Access Ecommerce Platforms in South Africa?

This is an important factor you must consider when starting an online business in South Africa. If you are looking for the best way to make your ecommerce business more accessible for people in South Africa, ensure that your ecommerce website is very responsive and works optimally on mobiles and smartphones.

An average South African loves being on mobile phones. And report showed that about 18% out of the 29% of South Africans that use mobile phones made an online purchase through their mobile phones in the past month. This shows that having a mobile-friendly ecommerce website is very important. You need professional ecommerce website developers in South Africa or well-experienced Shopify developers in South Africa.

What Do People Purchase from Ecommerce Business in South Africa?

Are you wondering what you could start marketing on your ecommerce store in South Africa? A recent study by Bizcommunity revealed that three things are commonly purchased on ecommerce stores by people in South Africa, these are clothing and apparel – 54%, entertainment and educational item (both digital and downloadable) – 52%, and event tickets – 52%. This is more reason why Computicket, Superbalist, etc. are doing so well.

South Africans also like to purchase fast foods, electronics and media, and furniture and appliances online.

When Do People Make Purchases from Ecommerce Websites in South Africa?

People seem to make more purchases from ecommerce websites in the evening. According to a report from the ecommerce industry, about 28% of people responded that they made purchases from online shops in the evening, especially after working hours – 6 pm to 9 pm, about 25% made purchases between 9 am to 12 pm. However, people can make purchases at any hour of hours, which is one of the benefits of ecommerce marketing in South Africa.

More so, there is an increase in online purchases during Christmas and other seasonal sales, such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Should I Invest in Ecommerce Marketing in South Africa?

Considering answers to the questions above, it is evident that investing in ecommerce business in South Africa is very lucrative. It makes a whole lot of business sense to start up online shopping in South Africa.

Are you planning to start an ecommerce business in South Africa? Ecommerce business is a lucrative business if done the right way. However, you need a professional ecommerce developer in South Africa to help you handle the building and development of your ecommerce website.

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